Selasa, 12 Februari 2013

Where the Chianti is a bed of straw

The Chianti wine is a very sensitive contemporary, storage alone not enough for him. In honor of fine wines we opened the first Chianti hotel with the wonderful name of Tuscan Chianti.
The doors are presented in the rustic look and leave it for the first time created the impression of being connected in any way with the white wine. In corridors with red carpets here reside the noble Chianti wines, in rooms that have as their vintage number on the door.

Each room serves as the nursery of the respective good drop. Accordingly, special attention was paid to individual details that make a wine connoisseur would indeed bring a smile, but the wine itself, the pure anticipation holds his first Open. At the same time you can look at every room as well as a museum.
One can therefore use one of these Chianti wine room and enjoy the full enjoyment of the wine. A brief encounter with a Chianti wine costs in about as much as a night in a five-star hotel. But you can also rent an apartment in the Chianti and visit the hotel only. See also This total relaxation is possible only if the wine is embedded in a soft bed of straw. Here you can very well see the differences that stand out from a conventional bed. This will provide not only enough wine for peace, it also serves the purpose that the wine gets an all around good taste.The prolonged laying promotes Although the degree of relaxation, but it reduces the mobility, because so easily able to sell unsightly deposits. To this end, even the profession of bottles Turner was invented. 
Meanwhile there are even different types of bottles turners, on the one hand there is the Chianti - and Bordeaux Dreher. To get the hang of it, you need a four-week training. As you can see, Italy and Chianti are special. Definitely remembered long after this holiday at the time in the Chianti.